tbh I'd probably just switch NVRs if I wasn't already committed with this damn ubiquiti doorbell trolololololol

plus it lets me kill networking on containers that don't need any networking.

does anyone else prefer using unix sockets for anything they can or is it just me?

like I'd much rather run a webapp or service w/nginx unit, have it listen to a unix socket, and then point my reverse proxy to the socket

soon as I can migrate my email stack (again) I guess it'll be time to redo all of my service containers x_x

tbh it's pretty surreal that for many games, DXVK/VKD3D and Proton/Wine run waaaaay better

hi who do I have to seduce to get new plumbing in my house kthx

oaky back to rpi4 for the nvr looks like it starts to get wonky after recording for a day or two

digging how simple nginx unit makes it for running certain apps in a single container

but then again maybe it's just the slow disk speed bottlenecking the rpi4

gonna let this test nvr record some more before deciding but it looks like this hackjob ubiquiti nvr container with qemu might be a little more usable than running 4+ cameras on the rpi4

boat battery still dead guess I gotta wait a little bit longer :P

Carburetor on the boat has been swapped. Now to wait for the battery to charge and hope the stupid thing starts and idles

like I much prefer hosting my mail at home in the basement on my own rack but also I'm sick of the email going down every time centurylink refreshes my IP or when someone drives their car into the internet or power poles

just a few more weeks until I can dump my mail server setup onto a hetzner vps and then I'll have to decide wtf to do with my little baby server that's just been chilling in my rack

pondering whether or not to make a nginx unit container for roundcube or if I should just try and stay content with the maintained apache container

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