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if my dog would stop eating the drywall that would be very appreciated

can I have a 3rd hubby that is also like a general contractor and/or handyman or something ok thank

spontaneous desire to spray foam and air seal the attic

like I just wanna stay at home and do projects all day long

I love when I tap a link in the mastodon app which redirects me to the safari app which redirects me to a third website specific native app

Going on a little phone tour

aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaand back to KDE because im in love with this wallpaper engine plugin

nvidia hurry up and fix vdpau on wayland or support vaapi already kthx

Well I guess I didn't tank my server so that's good at least

time to run some updates I've been putting off for the last two months

How many times in one week can I change desktop environments

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