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okay nvm gcc/binutils don't wanna build for random reasons now T_T

80% through doing my own hard-headed LFS install into a docker image so that I can build one specific app the way I want because it doesn't want to build with the options I want under clang+libc++

Welp looks like I gotta go and build a gcc-based nightmare container because hyperscan doesn't wanna build gnu-free T_T

good grief every time I look at gpus it's like they double in price

thought I fixed LTO but I lied it's segfaulting again T_T

what did I do to deserve this

also wtf why like seriously why

Figured out why LTO was segfaulting for this stupid compile and now it's got my server pushed to its limit 😜 πŸ˜… πŸ™ˆ

aaaaaand i've updated mastodon without destroying anything

sooooo close to having enough gil for a house plot T_T

or maybe I'll just keep brute forcing this duct-taped-together alpine container because it at least halfway works and I vaguely understand it

upgraded postgresql on the big server and boy did that take a lot longer than I thought it would

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