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okay but like dragon age 4 better let me be a fucking avvar because that would be sick

oh well apparently postgresql kept running out of space I guess that explains why it keeps dying

Ugh I need my heat pump and I need it now 😭😫😭

Really like the idea of lasering off half my body hair

forgot I semi adore Dorian in inquisition but wanted to shake things up again and now I low key want to reset and make a male inquisitor but im gonna have to go ahead and resist because I've sank too many damn hours in this playthrough and I've barely started ugh

replaying dragon age inquisition and just got Dorian and now I remember why I hate playing as females in this series fffuuuuuu

where is my heat pump and why hasn’t it shipped yet

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Nothing special, just a place for me to dump my thoughts.