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on another note server seems to be running a bit happier on a not antique linux kernel so thats a plus

poor mastodon trying to get back up to date after being offline for a little bit also while I'm running a zfs scrub

rebooted the server and I didn't lose everything hooray

now taking volunteers to help me organize and clean my desk up

but like I also really really really want a box that can do pfsense/opnsense or maybe vyos

both are cleaned up and updated and hopefully no more filling up and whatever

two appliances with maxed out storage utilization


okay but like can all these scalpers piss off because I'd love to get some new security cameras but I'm not about to pay 2x MSRP for that shit

tons of tinkering later and I got Sunshine to detect and build w/cuda

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Nothing special, just a place for me to dump my thoughts.