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went to install Rocky and then it turns out that it isn't working with zfs yet so now I'm installing openSUSE Tumbleweed onto a zfs dataset/chroot and praying it'll boot

can basically wipe the host OS as long as I keep my systemd service files and container volumes and I can just rerun all my services

my fave part about podman is this: ultra minimal config needed on the actual OS itself

tbh really wish I could get my hands on a slightly newer proliant

Looks like I'm gonna hack together a Rocky install on the big bad server

Like, I kinda like hosting it in the basement but also it’s a pain in the butt because I can’t have a static ip at home and no working ipv6 so that’s lame

Now to patiently wait an entire month until Hetzner will let me open smtp ports so I can move mail server /back/ to the cloud

Now time to migrate everything from LDAP and hacks to authentik

like let me buy your fucking thermostat no I do not want you and/or your contractor to contact me I'll do it myself T_T

God I wish I could afford one of those fancy ERV/heat pump/circulator thingies

Super duper sooooo thankful that the mini split is now working with no hiccups and my bedroom/upstairs is now ice cold

One of these days I’ll get some conduit and run the AP to the back yard

Also need to make sure future server has enough disk slots to run more than one zfs pool -and- to run an OS install that doesn’t require hackery

But definitely in the future gonna only enable encryption on stuff that needs it because I’m lazy and it’s kinda lame having to manually decrypt the storage before I can run any of my services

Also ought to fix my zfs implementation but at the same time I don’t really have a way to backup ~16tbs atm 😅

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