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yay email has been moved back to a vps and it appears to be working

okay well I have no idea why I can't get overlayfs working with podman on this stupid fedora vps but whatever -_-

okay thought hetzner unblocked my smtp but I guess they didnt but i've requested the unblock like three times and I haven't even so much as received a confirmation or anything

okay most of the mail server hosting is moved over to the hetzner vps now I just gotta do a little clean up, fix some configs, and then bite the bullet and change all my DNS stuff

okay but like maybe I'll migrate my shit over to this other vps tomorrow or something

now to patiently wait another month or so for the next iphone


like i really loved my tmo but ever since the sprint merge it has gotten slower and slower and the still not being able to roam onto sprint network was dumb af

after a million years Ive ended up switching back to verizon from tmo

also it's not even 0100 yet and im way too drowsy ugh


apparently I've posted over 1k times now and it honestly kinda feels weird

Really want an nvr but ugh so pricy and so hard to get

Well fuck. Beat FF7 Remake and Intergrade and now I gotta wait an eternity for the next part to be released on PC

okay so im finally playing the ff7 remake and its totally an emotional rollercoaster

Yesssss boat is running now to figure out how to tune this bitch up and adjust a carburetor

tbh I'd probably just switch NVRs if I wasn't already committed with this damn ubiquiti doorbell trolololololol

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