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also upload wasn't working either at first but turns out I just had to fix a folder so yippeeeeee

okay yay two days of tinkering later and I've got a stably working cms/blog container working

Okay couldn’t get container to work with s6 like I wanted which is lame but I’ve got it ugly working with tini init and a bash script

it still doesn't work but I'm like 89% of the way there just have to figure out how to get this damn init script to run after the daemon runs T_T

not me brute-force fighting my way to making this stupid container work

okay mastodon wtf is this enormous cache folder that I just found that is literally just millions upon millions of tiny files

also finally got around to plugging in the rest of the ethernet cables to the big boi server and doing lacp

I hate when my mind wakes me at 4AM to tell me an idea it has.

and while I didn't actually mind debian, I don't have to fight a bunch of separate repos to get a working podman + zfs + modern kernel

also said fuck it and nuked my debian install, moved my teeny tiny system ssd onto the zfs pool for cache, moved my whole root to zfs and am using zfsbootmenu to boot into opensuse

and as you can see, I've got podman and my containers up and running, too

idk how but I actually managed to get openSUSE running on the behemoth

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